2015-07-02 / Letters

Be proud of changing public process

To the editor:

Congratulations to those members of the Saco City Council who opened up the process for the citizens of Saco to be heard at public meetings. Once somber council chambers are now experiencing meaningful public comment on matters before the council.

This is a notable beginning of what seemingly was a closed session to the public, whose role was to sit, listen and attempt to follow muted council proceedings. Though public hearings being the exception, public input was limited to pro or con statements, not to ask questions or obtain answers. Yes, a remarkable change is evident. Nowhere evident are those of us “mentally unstable” citizens making disruptive, uninformed comment, as referred to by one councilor.

On behalf of Saco Citizens for Sensible Government, we thank you for restoring our fundamental right to be heard.

Our mission is to advocate for meaningful change in our local government. Saco Citizens for Sensible Government invites your thoughts and participation. We meet monthly at city hall at 7 p.m., the second Thursday of the month. We can be reached on Facebook at Saco Citizens for Sensible Government.

Scott Thibeau Saco

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