2015-03-05 / Letters

Let’s focus on something more important

To the editor:

I am so sick of reading in the papers about this parking problem. Instead of threatening the people with taxes, why not slow down on all the places that the city is buying, such as Pate property on Route 1, the the airport and now you want the people to pay for city hall. What is the next hair brain idea? Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Biddeford.

I have lived in Biddeford all my life and saw my mother walk every day to Pepperell from Clifford Street. Take a stroll and see if you could do it up that hill every day. I used to walk to school and back up that same hill and I’m not talking just to St. Andre’s, but also to the high school on Maplewood Avenue.

I remember going to the Central Theatre, which is now the police station, and to the right was a parking lot that my father’s cousin Bernice Nadeau ran with her husband and charged money for parking there. There were other parking areas where people paid to park. If you didn’t want to pay, you parked further away and walked. The same is true today when you go to football games and festivals. You will pay or park farther away for free. What’s next in Biddeford – a parking garage near the school and the football field?

We have more open spaces now then in the 1950s and 1960s. Right where the parking lot is for Grady’s Radio & Satellite TV on the corner of Main and Alfred streets, was a restaurant across from the Pepperell. It was my grandfather’s and his brother’s place, Henry and George Simard. All of Main Street, including the parks on Water Street, had businesses and homes there.

I like to see Biddeford grow, but not on my tax money and I don’t even get a trash can. Our 12-unit condo sets out maybe four trash bags every week, if that, because we share. I didn’t see my taxes go down either Mr. Mayor, because the mil rate went up and my condo was assessed lower. Thanks for nothing and I’ll be waiting for the next tax increase because you won’t be getting my vote.

Barbara Corbeil

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