2014-07-10 / Letters

Cell phones are dangerous too

To the editor:

Do you mean microwaves, Frank Novotny? (“Do the math,” letters to the editor, July 3 issue.)

I can only assume the cell phone tower is going up in your backyard. I always smell a rat when a Republican seems to worry about anyone, especially children in public schools. They are usually worried more about cutting funding, food stamps, bad teachers and unions. I hope you know that a cell phone gives off enough waves to pop a kernel of corn. Now, if you’re really worried about waves, don’t turn on anything in your home as you have a microwave sender on your house, called a Smartmeter, that you had to accept. Where were you Republicans protecting our freedom of choice? Oh, I almost forgot, you Republicans were busy taking a woman’s choice away and suppressing the voting rights of the minority. And I will ask you again, Frank, when was the last time you went to hell for the sins others?

As a Republican, you must be happy the Supreme Court gave companies religious rights while they took them away from the people.

Tom Walton Ocean Park

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