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Top 12 thanks from a librarian
By Sally Leahey

(in no particular order)

1. Patrons of all ages who love to read so much that they leave the library with a stack of books each time. It warms our hearts to see such enthusiasm.

2. Patrons of all ages who ask the librarian for help finding something to read. This is our idea of fun, whether it’s folks who want another book just like the last one they read, or teens who don’t like to read but need something for a book report, or future firefighter kiddos who want all of the books we have about fire trucks.

3. Staff who consistently go above and beyond their job descriptions. The library team cares a great deal about doing a good job, even if it takes extra time and effort. It’s their extra creative and personal touches that make the library such a great place to work.

4. Local businesses that support the library. When it comes time to promote reading and literacy programs, it’s the local stores and companies that pull through with prizes and donations every time. 5. A city budget that reflects just how much our community supports the library and its services. Unlike many public libraries, we have been spared the necessity of cutting hours or staff, enabling our services to flourish, thanks to our city.

6. Trustees who understand and support the library. This is a group that combines extensive experience with energetic new ideas while taking its stewardship of the library most seriously.

7. Authors who continue to write the books we all want to read. In many cases, those authors are local, both from the immediate Biddeford area and also from Maine’s rich literary tradition.

8. Patrons who let us know when they have suggestions. It helps us know what materials to add to our collection, or what programs to offer, or even what policies to enforce, when people make suggestions to us.

9. Community organizations that collaborate with the library. There are a multitude of associations in our area that work with us to deliver specific services or assist us with our broader mission.

10. Volunteers who help in countless ways. Many unsung heroes work with us on a regular basis, sometimes behind the scenes, to enhance our operations so we can be more responsive.

11. Tradesmen who come at the drop of a hat. How fortunate we are to have electricians, plumbers, HVAC experts, and carpenters who respond in such a timely fashion (even Christmas night one year!)

12. A downtown on the move. The library has been in a position to watch the growth and new energy in our downtown, and we can all be glad to see more folks finding reasons to come to Main Street again. OK, it’s a baker’s dozen:

13. People who turn around and thank us. It’s nice to know we’re appreciated too!

Sally Leahey is assistant director at McArthur Public Library in Biddeford.

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