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Pedestrian accidents prompt traffic study downtown

BIDDEFORD – A downtown business owner has asked for a traffic study after two people were hit by cars at the intersection of Main and Alfred streets.  More...

The big screen is coming to Mechanic’s Park

BIDDEFORD – It looks like a Kennebunk company is going to bring a series of movies to Mechanic’s Park this summer so residents and visitors can view them on a large screen, under the stars.  The Downtown Development Commission alloca More...

Police Notes

Biddeford police   Jan. 29  Donald R. Cote, 47, of South Street, was arrested at 5:29 p.m. on a warrant.  More...


Mayor’s door open only to certain people

To the editor:   The people and council members of Biddeford need to have the charter of Biddeford upheld. Our vote does matter. Our superintendent, Jeremy Ray, is in violation of his contract and in breach of our charter.  More...

Letter writer didn’t have facts straight

To the editor:   We read with interest the recent comments from Jeff Christenbury in a Feb. 28 letter to the editor. However, we think in the interests of accuracy, the following points need to be made:   More...

Citizen group to post, share information

To the editor:   Saco Citizens for Sensible Taxes has received a response to the questions raised at a Jan. 31 public meeting and have posted them to our Facebook page. More...


The skate park at Rotary Park in Biddeford was vacant during a recent snowstorm, but plans are in the works to upgrade it once the weather once again turns warm. See story on page 11. More...

News Updates

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Politics & other Mistakes

Rogues gallery

Time to get your crazy on.  I don’t mean crazy in the sense of let’s dig up Libby Mitchell, hook her corpse to lightning rods, let the bolts of electricity revive her, and run her for governor again. More...

Beyond the Headlines

What about creating jobs?

There has been a lot of talk in the news about guns, the governor and a veto buffet, but there is something we have yet to discuss; something that many elected us to do last November – create economic growth.   More...

Word on the Street

Word on the Street

What are the first signs of spring you look forward to?

“Getting out on the mountain bike, wearing shorts and not having to warm up the car.” – Jon Foster, Gorham Bike & Ski, Main Street, Saco More...

Things to Do

Things to Do

The Courier accepts calendar listings from nonprofit organizations. Submissions must be received 10 days prior to publication. Please email your listing to and indicate the date of your event in the reference line. More...