2012-12-06 / Letters

Reader tells real story of Hostess

To the editor:

In reference to letter to the editor, “Hostess strikers were greedy,” Nov. 29: although Mr. Blackmore educated all the readers of the Courier about how greedy the hostess workers were. Let me tell the readers of this newspaper the real facts.

In my almost 16 years working for Hostess I can’t remember seeing Mr. Blackmore working at 3:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning or 7 p.m. on a Saturday night. I don’t recall seeing Mr. Blackmore in 2007 when we took major concessions reducing our pay and benefits while the bankruptcy judges approved the top executives to take $8 million in bonuses. I don’t recall seeing Mr. Blackmore while I’m looking at my paycheck to see that I’m making $1.50 less than I was making in 2004 while also losing my entire pension and the majority of the health care for myself and my family. I don’t recall seeing Mr. Blackmore when weeks prior to Hostess filing bankruptcy in 2011, its top executives received a 30 to 250 percent pay raise.

Mr. Blackmore, the way I and my union brothers and sisters see it is that we have lost 40 percent of our wages and benefits, so for you to interject your opinion when you have absolutely no skin in the game is appalling to me. If you think for one minute that the members of my union, BCTGM local 334, are going to stand idle while the CEO of Hostess on Nov. 29 is asking the bankruptcy judges for another round of bonuses ($1.8 million) than you are sadly mistaken. Mr. Blackmore, if that’s the kind of job and compensation that you want, then all the power to you. My union brothers and sisters will not stand for this. Mike Bourgault, union worker Saco

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