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Four candidates up for Old Orchard Beach Dem seat


Pierre Jean Bouthiller Pierre Jean Bouthiller Maine’s House District 132 is made up entirely of Old Orchard Beach. Democrats bid-farewell to current State Rep. George Hogan (D), who has reached his term limit, and now voters greet four new candidates vying for the spot during the June 12 primary. The winner will run against Republican candidate and Old Orchard Beach Town Councilor Sharri MacDonald in the November election. Their responses to a candidate survey appear here by alphabetical order.

Pierre Jean Bouthiller

Age: 54

Occupation: Self employed/firefighter

Marital status: Married with children

Highest Level of education completed: 14.5 years

Name and location of school or university last attended: SMCC

Roxanne V. Frenette Roxanne V. Frenette Organizations and activities: World Trade Center First Responders Association

Top three issues: (in order of priority):

1. Jobs; building sustainable local economies including creation of a Mustard Seed Center to nurture and support entrepreneurial activities and businesses bringing educational, financial and general business resources to bare on the challenges we face in our community and across the state to broaden our industrial, agricultural and technology base.

2. Enhancements to local quality of life, partnering with the private sector to build a full service community center with recreational, educational, health care, adult and child daycare, employment and career counseling and placement, agricultural and social activity components.

Cris Edward Johnson Cris Edward Johnson 3. Creating a task force to identifying and create opportunities to built alternative energy systems where ever the resources and space will permit.

In your own words, why are you seeking elected office?

In surveying the field of candidates for the District 132 seat, I was unconvinced that our community would be appropriately represented. The only candidate I had full confidence in decided against running just prior to the deadline. I felt compelled to act in service of my fellow citizens and reluctantly accepted the challenge.

Roxanne V. Frenette

Age: 51

Occupation: Maine Turnpike Authority, executive assistant (30 years)

Gregory T. Kidd Gregory T. Kidd Marital status: Married 28 years

Children/family: Son, John, 25; daughter, Annabelle, 20; Grandson, Mike, 10 months; father and mother, Michael and Connie McCallum, 70 and 69 years old.

Highest Level of education completed: Associate degree, legal administration

Name and Location of school or university last attended: Casco Bay College, Portland

Organizations and activities: Biddeford, Saco, Old Orchard Beach Transit Committee, VFW Ladies Auxilary, Informed Notaries of Maine; gardening, stain glass, knitting and crocheting

Top three issues (in order of priority):

1. Jobs

2. Health care

3. Taxes

In your own words, why are you seeking elected office?

The timing is right for me. Rep. George Hogan is termed out after having represented our community well for the past eight years. I have just reached 30 years of employment with the Maine Turnpike Authority. I am in a position where I can pursue a dream I have had for some time – to run for state representative without stepping on the toes of anyone who may be more qualified. I served six years on the town council and this is my 11th year as a member of the Biddeford Saco, Old Orchard Beach Transit Committee.

I am the grandmother of the fifth generation of our family to be raised in Old Orchard Beach. I have a vested interest in making sure that our community and the state of Maine remains an economically visible place to live: for retirees, as my parents are, raising a family, as my husband and I have and as our son currently is, and where my daughter will hopefully stay after graduating from college.

I am sick of partisan politics and I know I am not alone. There are a little over 6,000 registered voters in Old Orchard Beach and Ocean Park; 2,4000 are democrats, 1,308 are Republicans and 2,165 are Independents. This speaks volumes. It’s time for Democrats and Republicans to work together to put aside their differences and look for common ground to better serve all citizens they represents. There is no progress following party lines, it’s time for a new path.

Cris Edward Johnson

Age: 64

Occupation: Retired attorney, teacher, writer

Marital status: Single

Children/family: Alexandra Johnson Eisele (29), Genevieve Johnson (24)

Highest Level of education completed: Doctorate

Name and location of school or university last attended: Colgate University (BA), Pace University School of Law (JD)

Top three issues: (in order of priority)

1. Public education

2. Health care

3. Responsible fiscal/tax policy

In your own words, why are you seeking elected office?

I’ve spent a lifetime developing skills in teaching, legal and financial analysis and communications. I understand the art of listening to people who simply want to be heard. For 40 years I worked hard at it and made a good life for my family and myself.

Today, I want to use those talents to represent the people of a community I’ve loved since I was a child.

It’s easy to represent your own point of view, but representing a community as diverse as mine requires balancing competing interests with thoughtful solutions and a detailed understanding of difficult ideas.

A state legislator must have a firm command of issues and know how to draft and pass meaningful legislation. I have that.

Being a state legislator requires commitment to people values, but it requires something more: the ability to translate complicated thoughts into simple words that can be understood. I can do that. See for yourself: Visit my website “Justicia”: www.CrisEdwardJohnson.com; Join me on Facebook: Elect Cris Edward Johnson, or follow me on Twitter: @cejesq.

I care for people. I listen to people. And I can speak for people with a voice that will be heard.

Gregory T. Kidd

Occupation: Environmental trainer

Marital status: Married

Children/family: One wife, one child and one cat.

Highest level of education completed: Associates of Applied Science

Name and location of school or university last attended: Southern Maine Community College, South Portland

Organizations and activities: Member of Maine Wastewater Control Association, New England Water Environment Association, and Maine Board of Licensure of Water System Operators

Top three issues: (in order of priority)

1. Health care

2. Public education

3. Public access to recreation waters and forest

In your own words, why are you seeking elected office?

I want to promote Maine and Old Orchard Beach as a wonderful place to live and do business. I am tired of the nattering nay bobs of negativity who are in public office whining about how bad Maine is from a business perspective. Why would anybody/ business want to move here with the negative attitude projected from the executive branch? I am willing to get in the sandbox with the bully and say, “Enough is enough.”

As State Representative for Old Orchard Beach House District 132, I will stand for my fellow citizens of Old Orchard Beach, and strive to protect the gains our state has made in:

• Health care coverage

• Public education

• Equity for all citizens

• Public access to Maine’s forests and waters

•The environment: clean air, recreational water and safe drinking water

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