2012-06-07 / Letters

Father, sister of victim urge others to be aware

To the editor:

There was a press release published on May 10 in regards to kids drinking and driving during prom. However, the Courier failed to cover the Patrick Beatson arraignment on Monday dealing with killing Chaz Dorais from drinking and driving. The impact to these kids are pretty mild if we don’t relate stories back to them or show consciences of what happens when you drink and drive or words from the Dorais family on the impact. Not only do kids need to think twice but parents and the laws need to have more of an impact to the outcome.

Below is an entry from my 12-year-old daughter’s journal. Leia writes about how the impact of losing her brother has affected her. I hope kids relate to this and do not drink and drive.

“Drinking and driving has impacted my life in many ways, the most important way is that I lost my best friend and brother. I loved Chaz deeply and would do anything to get him back. This has also impacted my life by not having a good time during holidays or family gatherings. I also have learned a very good lesson for my driving days. It makes me sad when someone starts talking about (their) siblings. Sometimes I have rough nights, when I can’t sleep because all I think about is my brother. I get sad when I see his grave because I say to myself “we should be going to your apartment not a grave yard.” I know, I’m only 12 but I would love to do anything to stop drinking and driving, texting and driving or just crazy driving. It needs to be stopped before another family has to go through what we did and still are and always will have to.”

Corey Dorais

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